Puppet Plays For Pun...

Play #: 3011
Pages: 49 pgs
Cast: 8 sketches for 3-8 puppets.
This collection for elementary-aged students includes "Moses Smites the Rock" (with a talking rock!) and "The Prodigal Son," as well as original stories. "Seventy Times Seven" uses slapstick to teach forgiveness. In "No Eggs for Easter," the Easter bunny loses his eggs, but learns about Jesus. "Odd Somes" uses simple puppets children can make to show how God can use anyone. "Penny Latchkey" deals with crime prevention and wariness towards strangers. In the "Two Shoes," the characters are worn-out shoes who learn the difference between the Christian and the worldly life. "Frankie Finds a Father" is about a street kid who wants a family, allegorizing the sinner's search for security. Performance times range from four to twenty minutes. Simple props and sets. Intended for child evangelism, although adults have been known to sneak in and watch, too! #3011 - PUPPET PLAYS for PUN and PROPHET
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