Psalmba - Musical Story-David

Book By: Jeff Combe
Play #: 7225
Pages: 36 pgs
Cast: Approx. 7 male, 2 female, 11 flexible, and ensemble.

Here is the musical story of David told through amazingly lighthearted and humorous dialogue and songs. Samuel, the narrator, wants to skip over the slaying of Goliath because it’s pretty violent and difficult to stage, but the nasty Philistines object, saying this is their moment! As we all know, young David, secure in the knowledge that God fights our battles, dispatches Goliath promptly. King Saul invites David to “play the Palace,” but soon hires two hitmen to try to kill the young hero. The Witch of Endor, who’d prefer to be paid in cash, not a check, foretells Saul’s demise. After a big battle, David becomes king. He didn’t want it to be this way, but as Samuel says, there is no one in this imperfect world more suited to be the King of Israel than David ben Jesse of Bethlehem. And David learns the best ending is one of hope. With jazz/rock songs and modern, fluid staging, your audiences will be enthralled. Performance time: an hour. 

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BOTHELL, WA 5/16/2017
HARMONY SCH OF ART AND MU 1 Performance(s)
NORTH MIAMI, FL 6/30/2012
HOLY FAMILY COLLEGE 1 Performance(s)
DURBAN, SA 12/15/2010
HOLY FAMILY COLLEGE 1 Performance(s)
DURBAN, SA 3/3/2010

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