Powerful Easter Dramas

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Easter Plays Set in Biblical Times


Jesus used the dramatic approach when he walked the earth seeking believers. 

Why don’t you do the same?


By David Dunlap

Cast: 6 men, 5 women, 1 teen, 3 children, extras

On a Street in Jerusalem

Judith, a middle-aged widow, makes her livelihood by selling funeral spices and shrouds in front of her home just blocks from the temple. She is an unfriendly and unlikeable woman who mysteriously rejects Jesus and his teachings. Although her visiting cousin, Simon, and her neighbor and friend, Leah, both accept Jesus, Judith does not. Even after she witnesses Jesus heal a blind man and later sees Him struggle past her house carrying the cross, Judith rejects Him. It's not until Jesus confronts her after His resurrection and reveals her deepest hurts does she finally believe. Performance time: 70 minutes. Read more.

"It was a tremendous success, and everyone was captivated by the story."

-- B.S., Crestview Baptist Church, Georgetown, TX


By Hilary Mackelden

Cast: 1 m, 2 w

Beyond Redemption

Jacob is a decent family man trying to earn a living as a guard at the temple in Jerusalem. But his life becomes complicated by the maverick preacher, Jesus. First Jacob finds his roof damaged after a crowd lowered a crippled man down into Jacob's home where his wife Miriam and daughter Deborah had arranged for Jesus to visit--unbeknown to Jacob. He forbids Jesus in his home again, but that doesn't stop Miriam and Deborah from following Jesus. Their participation is damaging Jacob's career prospects as his bosses are trying to keep this Jesus under control. When Jacob is detailed to arrest Jesus, Jacob's frustrations boil over, and for the first time in his life he abuses a prisoner. Jacob, Miriam and Deborah's different reactions to viewing the crucifixion are presented through intertwining monologues spotlighted in the darkness. Jacob, filled with guilt and remorse, wonders "If this man was the Son of God, am I beyond redemption?" About 75 minutes. Read more.

"The script was just what we needed at this special time of the year."

-- E.P., Matthew Players, Baltimore, MD


Easter is April 12, 2020

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