Patricia B. Melehan

Most of Trish Black Melehan's 20 years as an educator have been devoted to grades K - 8. Always looking for ways to excite her students with lasting educational experiences, her teaching career has been filled with field trips to faraway places. She says, "I've taken my students to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and England's Royal Shakespeare Theater. We've learned about Renaissance Art and Medieval History while touring Europe. I've traveled with students to Washington, D.C. to get a glimpse of our country's rich history and to New York City to taste live theater on Broadway." She explains, "Adapting Shakespeare for younger minds arose from a love of classical literature and poetry coupled with a desire to nurture critical thinking skills, self-confident demeanor, and true literacy among my students. Hearing them speak Shakespearean language on the playground has brought many a smile to my face as well as appreciative comments from amazed parents." She and her husband have been happily married for 30 years and have reared three children, each of whom has successfully pursued a higher education. In 2003 Trish left her middle school teaching position to spend more time caring for her aging mother. This has also given her an opportunity to pursue her writing and to enjoy visits with her first grandchild.

Picture of Patricia B. Melehan.