Pat Hines

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  Ebby Neezer Needs Christmas

Adult Christmas by Pat Hines

27 pages

5 m, 8 w, 1 flexible, 1 boy, 1 girl, extras, doubling possible.

Ebby Neezer hates Christmas so much, she leaves her estate every year on the 24th of December and goes to Bermuda. Her staff and great niece, however, love Christmas and have prayed for years for Ebby. It is their hope that one day she will return to God and celebrate Christmas with them. This year their prayers are answered. On the way to the airport, Ebby's limo breaks down and her chauffeur urges her to wait in a nearby diner while he makes repairs. There, a waitress named Marley brings her some coffee, which is only the beginning of an unusual evening. Th...

  Who Wants Eternal Life?

Adult Anytime by Pat Hines

23 pages

3-4 m, 4 w, flexible extras as singers

Five contestants vie for the grand prize of eternal life in this special game show takeoff, "Who Wants Eternal Life?" The funny contestants embody certain personality traits, and as the game proceeds, they lose and leave the stage until only one wins the grand prize. The message of salvation is heard not only in word but also in song as singers perform during specially designed breaks to serve courses of the meal. Little rehearsal is needed as actors can have scripts hidden at their game-show podiums. Super easy and super fun. About 35 minutes.