Noah's Rainbow

Play #: 1619
Pages: 36 pgs
Cast: 6 m, 7 w, numerous extra children.
A delightful version of the Noah's Ark story in verse. Noah talks with his wife about filling an Ark, but she is indignant at the prospect of cleaning up after all those animals. As the animals appear two by two we meet them and they, too, turn up their noses at the Ark until it starts raining. Once on board everyone is complaining. A clever Fox persuades all of the male animals to "mutiny" but the wives save the day and Noah's wife sends the Fox to the brig. When the Dove returns with the olive branch the Rainbow Children appear and describe the bright and colorful new world upon which the passengers are about to embark. The coming of the "Prince of the Rainbow" is foretold, the Ark is declared a hotel "open to people of every kind and color" and the whole cast praises God. Wonderful animal characters and a delightful Noah make this a must for all groups.
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THEATRE GROUP 1 Performance(s)
APO, AA 5/30/2008

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