Nate Bressler

Nate Bressler is a Christ follower who currently serves as the Youth and Worship Minister of Hagerman Baptist Church in Sherman, TX. Nate has been married to his wife Melissa since 2013, and they have enjoyed the highs and braved the trials involved raising five children in a blended household. Nate is also employed at Texoma Christian School where he teaches theatre and Bible courses.

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  Behold Our Lamb New Release

Easter by Nate Bressler

35 pages

2 m, 6 w

Two earthshaking events, one from the New Testament and one from the Old, intertwine in this play to remind us that when Christ came as our sacrificial offering for our sins, it was a purposeful fulfillment of prophecy by God. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection echoes the story of Exodus from Egypt. The Passover and Exodus are experienced in a Hebrew home through the eyes of a typical family of four, mother, father, and two teen children. The events leading up to the Crucifixion are talked over at a Jewish home through four very different women, Mary Magdale...