Mollie Ottenhoff

Mollie Ottenhoff is a freelance writer and lover of books, food, and joy raising her two kids in the suburbs of Chicago (with her husband, who does everything for her because she is a total wreck most of the time). Her work has been featured on Scary Mommy, MamaLode, and Listen to Your Mother, and she is the author of a children’s book about cement trucks called Spinning, Spinning, Spinning. She takes an honest look at the beautifully ugly, terribly awesome, sufferingly joyous ride called life at


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  Annual Meeting of the Bethlehem Animal Historical Society

Christmas by Mollie Ottenhoff

19 pages

Gender-flexible cast of 12 (with ensemble opportunities)

It’s the greatest story ever told! Well, sort of…. Grade school student Miley accidentally ends up at the annual meeting of the Bethlehem Animal Historical Society. The animals are retelling the story of a miracle night witnessed by their ancestors thousands of years ago in Bethlehem. Only, as they begin to act it out, Miley realizes they may have some of the details and focus wrong. Can Miley help them understand the real meaning and importance of that fateful night?  The animals are shocked to find out the peacock is not the star, the donkey doesn’t win a m...