Mickey Wright

Mickey Wright has written over 40 plays and sketches for players and audiences of all ages. He directed his first play at 18 and continues to direct and play in dramas for churches, schools and community theatres. He teaches drama in a private high school. Mr Wright also writes scripts for video.
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  Prince Eugene and the Cinder Queen

Fairy Tale by Mickey Wright

44 pages

3 males, 7 females, 1 flexible, extras

Here’s the Cinderella story retold, with a little help from above! Overworked and derided by her stepmother and three stepsisters, kindhearted Cinderella can only dream of attending a ball at the castle. Suddenly her Angel Godmother appears, but she almost blows the whole fairy tale before the Godfather rushes to the rescue on his Zucchini 500. (There’s a shortage of pumpkins!) Prince Eugene dreams of finding an honest girl, but his eccentric fans make a nightmare of his party. His only hope is the sweet young woman who isn’t afraid to state her own thoughts....