Master Room

Book By: D. Terry Petrie
Play #: 1658
Pages: 17 pgs
Cast: 2 m

A young assistant has been hired by an old keeper. It is the Keeper's dream to have the young man accept his offer to continue the tradition of loving care and the keeping of the priceless treasures found in the Master Room. The Keeper's last hope, for the future and a peaceful death, lies in the acceptance of his offer by the young man, who despises the room and job because it has restricted his ideal of life. Thus, in quiet desperation, the Keeper purposely activates the time lock of the vault door, trapping them for the night. He has one last night to convince his assistant to inherit this task. They spend the night sharing thoughts, play-acting various characters and exploring the treasures of the boxes in the room. The young man finally comes to accept his inheritance as the Keeper dies. This is a play of accepting one's role in life, and the eternal process of teacher and student. The characters are nameless, yet represent characteristics found in our own reality. Their situation is, to an extent, representative of a growth process each of us must confront.

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