Mark Anderson

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  From Death's Door to Heaven's Gate

Easter by Mark Anderson

24 pages

2 m, 3 w, 2 flexible parts. Also 7 to 9 non-speaking roles.

Five college students from various backgrounds are meeting just before Easter break to discuss a special project for graduation. All are very talented, but quite different from each other. There's Kirk, the athlete who's comfortable in his Christianity; Logan, the cynical "get-by" Christian; Catilin, the sorority girl who wears her Christianity like jewelry; Julie, the silent Christian; and finally Shelley, an agnostic who wonders if all Christians are like the ones she knows. It seems like nothing will make these students understand one another better until ...

  A Gift From the Heart

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

36 pages

6 m, 6 w.

Here is a modern story of a "prodigal son" and a "prodigal father" as well. Matt McCord left home at an early age because his wealthy father, Sam, who claimed to be a Christian, was so strict. Now, years later, Matt has come home this Christmas Eve, saved and repentant of his earlier, wasted lifestyle and anxious to make peace with his family. Everyone welcomes him with open arms, but father Sam refuses - at first. But, as the family points out, Sam has been a "prodigal father" wasting the love of God and his family in favor of business concerns. Together the...

  Christmas on Merry Lane

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

26 pages

4 m, 5 w, 1 child.

Merry Lane is a nursing facility the Brittenham brothers call home. Rufus, the oldest brother, is a grouch who dislikes Christmas time. Edgar, the middle brother, is a kindhearted, soft-spoken man, the peacemaker, and Percy, the youngest brother, is scatterbrained, but has a heart of gold. Despite Rufus' many objections, Percy shares story after story about their childhood. And if that isn't enough to drive Rufus crazy, the members of the Ladies Auxiliary stop in to sing Christmas carols and the young kids visit and "adopt" a grandparent. One little girl touc...

  Gift of the Shepherds

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

37 pages

4 m, 3 w, 4 flexible parts.

Dylan and Tyler Shepherd, brothers whose arguing finally stopped when they were brought together one Christmas (see "The Shepherds Who Gather"), are back in this sequel. It's five years later and now they are working together on a Christian TV show. Unfortunately, the station has a new owner, Tabitha Rafferty, to whom ratings are more important than people or their priorities. She has little sympathy for Dylan whose wife has recently died, leaving him to raise their young son alone. But Christmas is a time of giving. Some unusual "gifts" given by some unlikel...

  Bringing the Gift of Love

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

35 pages

4 m, 7 w, 3 children.

Charity Magazine has chosen the Stetson family for an "at home Christmas" article. The family is well known: mother Monica is a children's author; Cody a soap opera actor; Brad a high-profile attorney; and Mallory a pediatrician. As the interview nears, however, the family makes a shocking discovery - that both Mallory and Cody are alcoholics. In fact, while the family looks so perfect on the outside, all they feel on the inside is emptiness. It is the reporter, who reminds them of Jesus' love and the critical needs of a children's shelter, who starts the fam...

  Decisions of a Carpenter

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

33 pages

3 m, 6 w, 1 boy

It's almost Christmas and it's hectic! Ragan and Sabrina Carpenter, young marrieds, are trying to help Sabrina's mother and sister get Grandma Lois moved into the garage apartment. In addition, Ragan is expecting his brothers to join him, including Ryan, alone due to marital problems, and Reed, a busy college student. On top of that, the pastor's family needs help with their Christmas drama. In the midst of everything, Ragan has an unexpected visit from a social worker. In tow with her is R.J., a young boy whose sole parent, his mother, has just died. He is a...

  Shepherds Who Gather

Adult Christmas by Mark Anderson

33 pages

5 m, 6 w, 1 child.

The Shepherds are a family in name only. Tyler, a minister who's lost sight of his calling, and Dylan, a cynical news reporter who rejects all religion, are brothers who cannot get along even when their parents and wives try to get them to work out their differences. Needless to say, fireworks are set when Dylan is assigned to cover the Christmas cantata at Tyler's church where a well-known (but self-centered) gospel singer is going to appear. When every detail has to be perfect, everything that can go wrong does. But thanks to the help of a stranger named Ma...