Margo Haas

Margo Haas teaches playwriting and fiction to students in grades 5 through 12 in her hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. She is an active member of local threatre, working as an actor and drama instructor throughout the Cleveland area, a community well-known and respected for its long history of live theatre. Margo is a member of the Dramatist's Guild.
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  The Lost Choir of Bethlehem Springs

Christmas Youth by Margo Haas

43 pages

15 to 30 young actors with flexible gender and ages one adult role.

The youth choir of Bethlehem Springs Church is stranded when their bus breaks down in a snowstorm miles from anywhere. The teens and injured director find refuge in a closed-up lodge, but there is plenty of conflict when they learn that Treat, a bitter and troubled 14-year-old, knows how to fix the bus, but won't. But they learn that Treat, assigned to do volunteer work for the church from his juvenile parole officer, is not the evil character they thought, nor are they the enemy Treat believed them to be. The story highlights teens' uncanny ability to forgiv...