Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith, a retired English teacher, divides her time between Immanuel United Church; the community of Spring, Texas; a variety of outreach projects; writing; her home and garden; and her two cats that parallel her in age, Twister and Violet. Concerned with preserving the history of Spring and preventing its absorption into the Houston suburbs, she has written two books on the subject, Spring through the Seasons (2001) and The ABCs of Education: 100 Years of Education in Spring, Texas (2011). She recently completed a pictorial record of the history of her church, Celebrating 100 Years of Christian Service in Spring, Texas (2015). Margaret writes plays and programs for the church and has published a number of newspaper and magazine articles on a variety of subjects. Writing is certainly one of Margaret’s favorite things to do, but her favorite activity is to travel—and shop-- with her daughter Pamela.
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  At the Foot of the Cross: The Last Words of Jesus

Easter by Margaret Smith

16 pages

6 m, 4 w (2 are nonspeaking), 2 flexible

Jesus’ last words on the cross profoundly changed those who heard them. He continued to teach us how to live even in the final moments of His life as He hung on the cross in the agony of His execution. His lessons of forgiveness for the offender, salvation for the sinner, and trust and love for family and friends guide our daily lives. In this play, each character hears a phrase from Jesus' final utterances and reflects on its importance. Two narrators unify monologues delivered by characters whom Jesus affected during the course of His life. All characters a...