M. Glen Bullard

I was born and raised by my grandparents on a farm in Southern Kentucky. With no brothers or sisters in my early childhood, and few children my age nearby, I filled my time alone pretending and making up characters, stories, and situations to act out. I would often pray as I walked the farm, that God would send me a special friend. One day He did, and has sent many others since. My writings will most always be about the value of having a friend and beginning a friend, and how faithfulness, love, and loyalty are at the heart of true friendship. My experiences have since gone far beyond the farm. Majoring in design and another degree in marketing, I went from college advertising intern at a footwear company to being their shoe designer . For the next 25 years I would work for other footwear brands which carried me to several countries around the world creating shoes and boots. I have cherished these experiences and the friendships I made along the way. I now live on the farm I grew up on. I spend my time recollecting and writing about these experiences, personalities, and journeys in the form of plays and children's books.

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  Just Like a Miracle

Christmas by M. Glen Bullard

28 pages

9 m

It’s Christmas Eve, 1944, in the midst of a raging blizzard…and the throes of a battle that is expected to become the last major assault of WWII, the Battle of the Bulge. A small patrol of battle-fatigued American soldiers, who have captured a German SS officer to interrogate, are lost and seek refuge in a bombed-out church somewhere south of Bastogne, Belgium.


Although united in brotherhood through the danger they face, the men are very different; from the tough but well-respected fi...