Live Feeding the Flock

Book By: Andrew M Frodahl
Play #: 7750
Pages: 22 pgs
Cast: 3 m, 6 w


The children of the Bucklesbury Bible Church have done a production of a Christmas nativity play for the last 80 years. It is the hottest ticket in town and a huge outreach for the church. When the “Mistletoe Flu,” a contagious virus, locks down the entire county, the Christmas program is in jeopardy. The committee of all church committees holds an online meeting to decide whether to cancel the program. The pastor states the church must still fulfill its mission of spreading the gospel. The decision is made to live feed the program so everyone can tune in from the safety of their homes. Time constraints force the play director to use the committee members as the cast for the play instead of the children. Will the cast put their egos aside? Will the message get lost by the technology used to transmit the play? Will the pastor’s aunt ruin the whole thing with her antics?


Tune in to find out that we don’t have to distance ourselves from God. Nothing can separate us from His love, not even “The Mistletoe Flu”! God’s gift of forgiveness and everlasting life is the best gift of all and it's free.


Approximately 30- 35 minutes.


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RICHMOND, IN 12/18/2020

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