Let It Ring!

Book By: Margaret Smoot
Play #: 7155
Pages: 45 pgs
Cast: Music by K. Newell Dayley.

Here's a fantastic journey through the minds of the Founding Fathers and how today's citizens perceive them. Two "generic" founding fathers, Patrick and James, travel to modern day to show people what it was like to write the Constitution, and how important its principles are. The two characters replay the key dramas of the Constitutional Convention and then in a more lighthearted mood, decide how to use the tools of contemporary life, i.e., advertizing and television to get their message across to the American People. If you're into contemporary flag-waving this is your show. The score has strong contemporary roots and the message is universal: truth and liberty -- Let It Ring! The score will take you from comic hysteria to genuine pathos and patriotic revelry. Several song titles include “Sweet Freedom’s Song,” “God Made Us Free,” “If You Would Like to Reach,” “Where Has the Dream Gone? “ and “Everyday Lives.” This is a perfect musical for any time of the year and any celebration.

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