Les Mcclain

Les McClain and his wife once took some friends to see one of his melodramas that a local company was producing. Afterward, one of the friends remarked, "Les, even if you had not taken us to that play and even if your name weren't on the program, I would have known you were the author. The actors all said things just like things you say." Then she added, "You're weird." "I took that as a compliment," McClain says. I do draw on everyday experiences and observations when I write a play. And my years of being an elementary school counselor have provided me with much raw material for my children's picture book stories." McClain's interests including fishing, gardening, inventing games, and watching college football. And if his Achilles tendon would cooperate, he'd love to get back to distance running and collect more 10-K race shirts. He and his wife also enjoy any kind of travel they can afford and good melodramas.

Picture of Les Mcclain