Land Of Promise

Play #: 1821
Cast: Nine or more readers (1 narrator, 2 men, 2 women, 2 girls, 2 boys)
From the gosepl of Nephi and Columbus' discovery of America to the climax of Joseph Smith enduring persecution from the mobs, this show's message is clear: America was founded on Christian principles and only through living the teaching of our Savior Jesus can we receive the blessings promised to those who live in this free land. This show was written especially for the wards and branches throughout the Church to produce in commemoration of the 200th birthday of the United States, but the message is timeless, making it appropriate for presentation any time. Most of the dialogue has been taken from actual journals, diaries, letters, folklore, and documented histories of America and the Church. It works for any cultural group, and may be personalized with the history and specific interests from your own area. Includes several songs appropriate to this period of history.
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