Kenny Blade

Kenny Blade has been writing full-length plays, skits and monologues for more than twenty years. He began writing and directing as a youth minister to allow young people of all backgrounds and varying degrees of talent to share in the joys of stage performance. Kenny’s goal with each of his works is to make the experience of the play a complete one. “My greatest satisfaction comes in that each of the plays that I have written are as enjoyable for the performer as they are for the audience.”

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  Bucky Breckenheimer's Christmas Miracle

Adult Christmas by Kenny Blade

40 pages

18 flexible characters

The Breckenheimers are a loving Christian family celebrating Christmas with a unique hillbilly flair all their own. As our story begins, we flashback to the day Poppa delivered some very exciting news to Mama, his parents and his children Bucky, Queazy, Myra Jean and Lindy. He has just been promoted to the Assistant to the Junior Assistant Manager at the pickled egg plant owned by Garver Goobler. Poppa will even get to help Goobler with a "special" project Christmas morning. But the family's happiness is tempered by Mama's uneasiness with the motives of Goobl...