Kathleen Conner Combass

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  Jesus Loves Fruitcakes

Adult Christmas by Kathleen Conner Combass

42 pages

8 m, 12 w, 7 children

The colorful, crazy yet thoroughly Christian staff and residents of the Jesus House, a retirement home, prepare to welcome Ellery Jamison into their world. His daughter, whom he hasn't seen in twenty years, is responsible for arranging his present placement. Unfortunately, Mr. Jamison is an atheist, and the last place on earth he wants to be is in a Christian nursing home, especially where one of the residents prides himself on making red and green fruitcakes for Christmas. Jamison's disdain for the home and all its residents is obvious, and it's tough for th...

  Snow Angels

Adult Christmas by Kathleen Conner Combass

40 pages

5 m, 9 w, 2 girls

Emory and Eleanor Vanderbilt take pride in hosting their big annual Christmas Eve party for family and friends, but this year's gathering will be a life-changing event. While a snowstorm prevents most of their friends from attending, their daughters are certainly adding "life" to the party with their problems and sibling rivalry. Jocelyn, the oldest, harbors a hidden secret; Samantha's marriage is in danger; Sarah's dream of becoming a missionary is diminishing; and Esther, the youngest, rebels against almost everyone and everything, especially designer cloth...

  A Helping of Christmas

Drama With Humor by Kathleen Conner Combass

52 pages

5 m, 8 w, 1 flexible, 4 teen girls, 1 boy

Volunteers from several local churches have opened a mission kitchen, but they soon discover it’s not just the hungry and homeless who need help this Christmas. Claire, one of the mission organizers, is shocked to see her long-estranged sister Jackie coming to the kitchen with her two children. Another worker, Mavis, admits her difficult past to Marvin, a homeless man who is afraid to get back in touch with his family. Plenty of humor is added by Jolee, a naïve, over-eager volunteer, and Albert, a college student overwhelmed by the attention from Wynetta and ...

  Merry Christmas No Matter What!

Adult Christmas by Kathleen Conner Combass

56 pages

3 m, 7 w, 5 teenage girls, 2 teenage boys.

Jacob and Marie Carlson have been married for 17 years, and all that time, Jacob's father, Melvin, and Marie's mother, Antoinette, have hated each other. Disastrous holidays have been avoided by alternating their parents' invitations to special occasions. But this Christmas, Antoinette changes her mind and surprises the family by arriving after Melvin has already settled in! Their little jabs at each other soon escalate when Antoinette hides Melvin's false teeth and he retaliates by hiding her wig. The tension and hilarity rise even more when the extra outdoo...