Journey to the Big Sky

Book By: Jack Weyland
Play #: 1961
Pages: 12 pgs
Cast: 1 m, 1 w, 1 flexible

Al McCarty is an elderly construction worker on his first trip with his wife Lisa since his retirement. They’re camping in Montana, and though it’s been his dream to fish there, Al is bored. He misses his coworkers and the noise of the construction trucks. He’s even gone so far as to fix a toilet in the men’s restroom. When an angel in white overall appears telling him “It’s time,” Al is nonplussed. He demands the angel prove he has heavenly powers, and while they’re waiting for the “order” to go through, the angel gives Al a few options for his passing—from drowning, to having a tree fall on him to being shot by a female while he’s fixing a toilet in the women’s changing room. Al’s not interested until the angel admits Al’s construction skills are desperately needed up above where new homes must be built. When he hears this, Al’s ready to go, even though he will desperately miss Lisa. But not to worry … according to the Plan they will be together in heaven later! About 20 minutes.

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