Josephine Kelly

Josephine Kelly is a graduate of Missouri's Truman University with a degree in theatre and holds a master’s degree from Adams State University. She has taught Theatre Appreciation as an adjunct instructor, has been the director of a high school theatre program in Colorado and she was named H.S. Theatre Educator of The Year for the State of Colorado. In 2001, the program earned the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education’s Outstanding Achievement Award. Having directed over 75 productions, Kelly finds something new and wonderful in the creative process. Serving as the director of the LJ Children’s Theatre Program and consulting with the One Act Competition held at the Sangre De Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, Colorado has kept her busy. She also served as English Department Chair and is a past board member of the Picketwire Center. She served on the Colorado Department of Education’s Commissioner Cabinet and is a member of the National Educational Association as well as a member of the Colorado Theatre Guild. Currently, she has formed her own Theatrical Arts Company, and is actively writing and directing theatrical projects. She makes her home in Colorado with her daughter, Hannah.

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  Women of the Cross - The Witnesses Called Mary New Release

Easter by Josephine Kelly

18 pages

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This drama gives life to the last seven lines uttered by Christ and the women who must witness his death. It’s a beautiful and mournful play capturing the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and the witnesses of Mary, his mother; Mary Magdalene, his disciple; and Mary Clopas, sister to Mary, Mother of Jesus. As Jesus utters his final words from the cross, it is the women of his ministry who ensure his story is told. The three women travel with Jesus to the hills of Golgotha and bear witness to his crucifixion. These women go to the cross when his other disciples must...

  Women of the Cross - SFX

Easter by Josephine Kelly

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