Jeffrey Smart

The late Mr. Jeffrey Smart started writing skits for various school programs while attending high school in Florida. He later studied playwriting at Indiana University with Dr. Sam Smiley, author of "Playwriting: The Structure of Action." Jeff believed every line of a play should have an action; every character is trying to achieve something every time he or she says something. He began writing full-length plays for high school when his best friend asked him to write a play for her high school students. That play is "Agatha Christie Never Took Trig." Thanks to the encouragement of everyone at Eldridge (where he worked for a time), Jeff's best ideas for plays always seemed to be for high school.
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  Hula Hoops and Halos

Musical by Jeffrey Smart Scott Keys

73 pages

9 m, 7 w, 1 flexible, extras

It's the '50s, so come join the kids as they hang out at the local diner in this heavenly hit of a musical comedy! But for Betsy Harding, it's all work and no play. Since her mom passed away, Betsy has her hands full running the family diner, minding her little sister, competing with her all-star athletic brother, and taking care of her toy-inventing father. She doesn't have time to be "a typical teen." Enter Angela, a tough-talkin' angel-in-training, sent down to earth to earn her halo. But she seems to create more problems than solving them. Between Angela ...