Jeff Zimmer

Jeff Zimmer was born in Oak Park, Illinois and raised in Schaumburg. He wrote his first play "The Secret of the Underground Tunnel" in 5th grade with Michael Harper. Despite the title, the play featured no secret nor any tunnels. 


He wrote a weekly humor column "Hellzapoppin' " for the Long Beach Union Daily and was awarded second place for Best Column of Opinion by the California State College Press Association in 1981. 


Jeff was named Outstanding Graduate of the Radio-TV-Film Department at California State University at Long Beach and then became a contributor to the late-night ABC show "Fridays." He then worked as a staff writer for such TV shows as "Not Necessarily the News," "The Dom DeLuise Show," "D.C. Follies," "The Mickey Mouse Club," "Candid Camera," "Histeria," and "America's Funniest Home Videos." He also worked as field producer/director/writer and puppet wrangler on "Talk Soup" with Senor Sock, the Toast of Argentina. 


In recent years he has worked as a post producer for the syndicated TV series "ElimiDATE!" and "The Doctors." Along the way he has been nominated for 7 Daytime Emmy Awards and 4 Cable Ace Awards. He hasn't won any but has enjoyed the award ceremonies' dinner entrees.


Jeff has been associated with ELATE (Emmanuel Lutheran Actors Theatre Ensemble) for many years, acting, directing and writing a number of plays including "Law & Elvis," "Five Days in the Carter County Jail," "Who Wants to Be a Disciple?" "BB-48" and of course "The Golgotha Project."


Jeff is a member of the National Honor Society, International Thespian Society, National Forensics League, the Writers Guild of America West and for some inexplicable reason is a lifelong fan of the Chicago White Sox.


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  The Golgotha Project New Release

Easter by Jeff Zimmer

64 pages

8-10 actors with doubling. Without doubling 24 m, 19 w, 7 flexible.

The story of Jesus' death and resurrection truly is "the greatest story ever told." But why is it so often told in ponderous and arch fashion? "The Golgotha Project" brings to life the people of 2,000 years ago by finding the humor and humanity in them. The story is told in a series of amusing monologues, dialogues and brief scenes involving people who witnessed the events in Jesus' time. The show is very modular. Productions can either choose to eliminate certain scenes or characters with little effect on the overall show. This Easter story is fresh and ente...