Janice Rider

Janice Rider lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She tells us the following about herself: I have been writing ever since I can remember. My dad has always kept a journal and written poetry. Early on, I started writing short stories, and keeping a journal, too. I wrote about the things I cared for - the natural world, family, friends, and pets. I grew up in a family which participated in many outdoor activities and adventures. Eventually, I wound up graduating with a major in the zoological sciences and a minor in English literature, prior to completing a Bachelor of Education After Degree. I worked at the Calgary Zoo each spring and summer while attending university, and often talked with children during interpretive sessions. When I began to teach children for the Calgary Board of Education, and at our church, I realized that drama was an effective way of presenting stories. A friend and I started to use dramatization on a regular basis for our Sunday school program. When my eldest son entered junior high school, he asked if I would consider creating a drama club at our church. I liked the idea, and that is how the St. David's United Church Drama Club officially began. This is the club's seventh year in existence, and I love every minute I spend writing plays and working with young people.

Picture of Janice Rider.