James Schaap

James Calvin Schaap: In addition to writing the full Dutch Resistance story of Diet Eman in "Things We Couldn't Say," Mr. Schaap has written collections of short fiction, devotional books, and several novels, two of which have earned an Award of Merit by "Christianity Today." He will be retiring in 2013, after teaching literature and writing for 35 years at Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa.
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  Things We Couldn't Say

Drama by James Schaap

51 pages

3 m, 3 w, 1 flexible

The biographer of the story of Berendina (Diet) Eman is interrupted by Diet herself as he begins a lecture about the Second World War and Nazi resistance in occupied Europe. Diet explains that her efforts to hide Jewish people were not unique, but were undertaken by many ordinary people. To explain, she begins to tell the exciting stories of her Resistance work. As she does, her younger self appears and narrates stories in ways which occasionally vary from the descriptions offered by her older self. In addition, her fiancé, Hein Sietsma, appears, and all thre...