James Rhodes

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  Another Christmas Eve

Adult Christmas by James Rhodes

24 pages

5 m, 5 w, carolers.

Everyone who loved James Rhodes' original play, "One Christmas Eve," will delight in this sequel. This time we find the wealthy Collins', Bob, June, and their teenage son and daughter, Ken and Markie, now a secure, Christian family, waiting for their Aunt Rachel to arrive for a Christmas visit. A somewhat flighty lady, and certainly not the best driver in the world, she is long overdue. Worried that something has happened to her, the family prays for her safe arrival. The scene then switches to Rachel, stranded and alone, but soon helped by an unusually kind ...

  Strangers at the Inn

Adult Christmas by James Rhodes

17 pages

5 m, 4 w, 2 flex, doubling possible.

Strangers meet at an inn in Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus. They all had things they wished to give Him but one by one, they gave their gifts to needy people. Finally, as a group, they decide to go to the stable and seek out the baby with the one thing they have left to give - their love. A symbolic story which shows that we are all strangers, in a way, until we meet through the person of Jesus Christ. An optional nativitiy scene creates a beautiful ending. Performance time: 25 minutes.