Jack Nuzum

Jack Nuzum is an English teacher at Manzano High School in Albuquerque, NM. He teaches literature and composition, as well as Bible Literature. He just finished a five-year stint as the speech and debate team coach. Singing at the Santa Fe Opera brought Jack to the Southwest, and he still sings and acts frequently in both church and local musical theater productions. Each year he participates in the faculty/student drama production that raises funds for scholarships for his high school's drama department. One year he was heard to utter the statement, "I could write one of these," and was quickly taken up on his challenge. Thus, all four of his Eldridge publications began as Manzano faculty/student shows. They include his recasting of Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet ... and Hamlet, Too," set in a modern-day high school and replete with happy ending and ferocious rhyming couplets; "Two By Two in Love"; "Tryouts"; and his high school soap opera, "Days of Our (School) Lives."
Picture of Jack Nuzum