Innocent In Eden

Play #: 1613
Pages: 33 pgs
Cast: 6 m, 3 w, 5 flexible
In the Prologue, Light, Night, Sky, Sea and Earth tell how and why God created them, and why He went on to create Adam to rule over all the other creatures on the Earth. In the Garden of Eden, Adam decides to name all the animals he meets. A pair of Elephants teach him some manners, describe how versatile their long noses are compared with his, and leave him to ponder his limitations. A pair of Monkeys play word games with him to arrive at their name, which Adam finally decides must be "Montgomery." Satan as the Snake appears and privately reveals to the audience his rebellious origin and subversive ambitions. He tries to persuade Adam to think a Wolf is really a sheep and a Lion just a kitten, then gives Adam instructions about following all his appetites and impulses, and disregarding all rules and regulations. A week later, Eve appears and helps Adam name various fruits. The Elephants return and teach Adam the botanical terms for the fruits which he has hilariously misnamed. The Monkeys return and, having concluded that Adam must be a case of arrested development, play new games to humor him. The Snake returns and with satanically seductive arguments persuades Eve and Adam to sample the forbidden fruit. A storm occurs and they realize their mistake. The following day the Elephants decide to leave the ruined Garden and complain to Eve of their disappointment with human nature and its ill effects on all the animals. The Voice of God confronts Adam and Eve and demands an explanation from them. They blame the Snake, who is confronted and cursed by God and made to crawl away. An Angel enters to send Adam and Eve into exile. But the Angel also tells of God's pity for the human condition and His mercy for the mistakes of human history, and prophesies the coming of the Messiah to restore humanity to paradise. In the Epilogue, Light, Night, Sky, Sea and Earth tell about how Jesus as the new Adam will lead men and women and children back to the Garden of Eden for good, and the animals dance with each other in celebration.
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