I Do X 2

Book By: Jack Burford
Play #: 7135
Pages: 66 pgs
Cast: Minimum cast 4 m, 5 w

This is the Old Testament story of Jacob’s marriages to Leah and Rachel retold with a bit of “sanctified imagination.” For seven long, lonely years Jacob deals with dusty sheep while dreaming of his wedding night to Rachel. Finally, in a comically confusing scene, Jacob discovers his bride hidden by a veil is not the ravishing Rachel but her frumpish sister Leah. When confronted, Laban, the father, feigns surprise at the “slight misunderstanding.” He then cons Jacob into more servitude to gain Rachel as well. Years later Jacob and his wives are the parents of 12 children at last count! The music includes a variety of styles, from the straight up rock and roll of “Pagan Shuffle,” to the country-flavored “Sheep Dip Song.” Not surprisingly, Jacob tends to sing the blues a lot, as in “Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.”  About 90 minutes.

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PROMISE PLAYERS 9 Performance(s)
GAP, PA 3/9/2018
AYLESBURY, UK 5/29/2013

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