Has The Trumpet Sounded?

Play #: 1448
Pages: 24 pgs
Cast: 3 m, 3 w
It's a routine Sunday morning biblical radio discussion on the second coming of Christ ... until the radio audience confuses the broadcast with the real second coming! Soon, huge crowds of listeners overreact by flocking to the cemetery to be ready to wave at their love ones as the dead in Christ arise to go to heaven. The Mayor, who has declared a citywide emergency to deal with the crisis, joins the radio broadcast to help bring order out of chaos. After listening to the panel discuss the issue, the Mayor is converted on the air. She now realizes that most of the crowd gathered at the cemetery do not know Christ and would not go to heaven if Christ did return. The play is a humorous and lighthearted look at biblical events that will precede the second coming of Christ, with a strong message to always be prepared to enter God's kingdom.
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PORTSMOUTH, VA 5/18/2024

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