Gregory Banks

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  To See Christ at Christmas

Adult Christmas by Gregory Banks

23 pages

4 m, 7 w, 2 boys, 1 girl.

Looking for a play that will bring forth the holiness of the season and unite your congregation as never before? This exquisitely moving play is our choice. The Grant family is a family divided. Mrs. Grant and the daughters are strong Christians, but they can't convince Bruce Grant or son, B.J., of the importance of God in their lives - until a heart attack lands Bruce in the hospital shortly before Christmas. There he and B.J. meet other faithful Christians. But it isn't until they get to know Thad, a critically ill little boy whose dying wish is to see Chri...

  Why My Child?

Adult Christmas by Gregory Banks

20 pages

6 m, 8 w, 1 flexible part. (Also 3 boys, one line each.)

Gina and Steven Hart are ready to take their newborn son home from the hospital Christmas Eve when a man they think is an orderly takes the infant from their arms. Soon they, and the doctors, nurses, minister, and others realize the baby has been kidnapped. As a search swings into force, the distraught, exhausted couple envision the Holy Spirit. In two dramatic inset scenes, the Holy Spirit shows that when parents ask, "Why my child?" as Mary must have questioned the future of baby Jesus, God always has answers. A beautiful ending reaffirms the blessings of t...

  Miracle at Christmas Camp

Adult Christmas by Gregory Banks

33 pages

5 m, 6 w, 2 boys, 4 girls, extras.

Some 10 years earlier a dying little boy taught B.J. Grant, a skeptical teenager, about Christ ("To See Christ at Christmas"). Now a youth minister, B.J. gets a chance to do the same. He arranges a Christmas church camp where Gary, a lonely boy, finds love in the family of Christ, and Mae, the camp director, finds the courage to go on. Ending allows for optional Christmas program of your choice. Very touching. Performance time: 35 minutes.

  Abiding in the Fields

Adult Christmas by Gregory Banks

25 pages

5 m, 8 w, 5 children.

The angels who announced the coming of the Messiah proclaimed it first to some simple shepherds abiding in the fields. Here is a very special Christmas play that reminds us that sometimes the church must reach out to those in the streets around us. Bo Miles, a new Christian with a worldly past, is anxious to help with the church's outdoor nativity. The other members, who feel too busy to help, are glad to let Bo handle the job until his disreputable street friends create problems. But Bo shows everyone the true mission of the church and at the end, the local ...

  Christmas Apart

Adult Christmas by Gregory Banks

19 pages

2 m, 2 w, 1 teen g, 3 b, 2 g, extras.

How do you explain to three kids that from now on, every Christmas might be a Christmas apart? Ever since Lee Ann and the children started going to church, husband Jake has felt alone and unhappy, so he's moved out. It's arranged that he'll visit with the children early on Christmas Eve, then drop them at the church for the pageant they're in. Maybe he'll even stay for it. God once sent an angel to Joseph to explain the importance of creating a family. This time another "angel" brings that message to Jake. A sensitive, deeply religious play which deals with t...