Goode and Fingerhut

Jeff Goode is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter. He is the creator of Disney's animated series "American Dragon: Jake Long."

Larrance Fingerhut is a composer of music for theater and the concert hall. He has composed music for many of the classical Greek dramas and comedies, and Shakespeare. They first worked together as resident composer and playwright of the Summer Festival of the Arts in Southwest Harbor, Maine, where they developed original musicals, including "ELEPHANS."

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Musical by Goode and Fingerhut

36 pages

Cast of up to 28 mixed gender roles

On the lonely planet Eleph, where language was never invented, the mango-loving Elephans learn to communicate without words. The friendly (and not-so-friendly) aliens share their story in song with the help of the local children of Earth. A delightful score of 6 songs, including "I Am Only Me," and "Do You Know What It Means To Be Lonesome?" help to carry the message of the play: tolerance, understanding and listening. Very few roles, if any, are gender specific. The opportunities for creative costumes and sets are also present. Roles can also be expanded or ...