God's Top 10 List

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Cast: Cast: 2 to 7 flexible.
"God's Top Ten List" presents the Ten Commandments in a fresh light. The words written on stone tablets so long ago are brought to modern situations, such as a fender-bender, parent-volunteers on a school project, remembering the Sabbath and gossiping about some things that should be left unsaid. These ten skits hold a mirror up to the audience that allows them to laugh at their own shortcomings. Emphasis is placed not so much on the "Thou shalt not's", but on the "why's." The actors will enjoy presenting the humorous and ironic situations and will themselves learn through the experience. The skits fit well as part of a worship service or fellowship night. They require few props and each can be prepared in one or two short rehearsals.
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DOWELL, MD 10/20/2018

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