God's Great Gift

Book By: Shirley Bostrom
Play #: 1286
Pages: 17 pgs
Cast: Large, flexible cast.

PowerPoint visuals, music, and narration blend together to form this beautiful Christmas program that you personalize to make uniquely yours. "God's Great Gift" is seen through three program parts: the Creation story, the Christmas story, and your own church story. Start with our eight photos of the heavens taken from outer space (included) and collect your own slides along with statements of thanksgiving from each of your Sunday school classes. Adults and children alike can celebrate together in this service of worship because the production is done ahead of time, long before the "Christmas rush" begins. Ideal for large or small congregations since all the children can be photographed one or more times. The program concludes with a congregational response of thankfulness. If you're looking for something unique and very special this season, this is it. Performance time: 60 minutes. 

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