Ev Miller

Ev Miller is a life-long resident of North Dakota. He gained his bachelor of arts degree from Jamestown College, a liberal arts college in North Dakota. After graduation, Miller taught English at Bismarck High School, a position he has held since. Miller began his writing career in 1975. Since then, he has published over 30 plays with 13 American publishing companies.

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  The Visitor

Comedy With Heart by Ev Miller

56 pages

3 m, 2 w

Buck Howard is a successful author but his personal life has been marred by the loss of his wife. Howard blames God for this tragedy. He also begins to blame God for every minor ache and pain that comes along. Finally, God decides to confront Howard and visits him in the form of a dapper little man who is somewhat of a klutz. Everything he does seems to turn out wrong and the audience is left wondering just what kind of Deity this is. But is he the stumble john that he appears to be or is it all an act? This very funny play says something important about how ...