Elliott B. Baker

Elliott Barry Baker changed directions from business to writing in 1992. While attending a performance of Gershwin’s “Crazy For You” in New York, he realized as the orchestra began the overture, that he was never as excited as when he was seated in a theatre with a play about to begin. Changing gears, Baker was accepted by the BMI Lehman Engle musical theatre workshop in New York where he would spend the next four years driving from New Hampshire to New York every Monday to study and perform with many talented writers. He now has several family musicals published as well as one dark musical based on Poe, more appropriate for adults than children. A member of the Dramatists Guild, Baker lives in Durham, New Hampshire with his wife Sally Ann. Their three children, Jason, Stacy, and Eric, are out making their way in the world.

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  That's Princess ... With A Pea!

Comedy Musical by Elliott B. Baker

67 pages

8 m, 8 w, 12 or more flexible

Prince Fred wants more than anything to find the princess of his dreams. His mother, the queen, wants to stay young – in other words, no marriage and no grandchildren! And that means no partying or dancing. To preserve the appearance that the queen wants Fred to marry, the kingdom has advertised far and wide for a suitable princess. Unfortunately, the outlook is bleak until the Jester finds an incognito princess. Tired of being deluged with unsuitable suitors proposed by her military-like father, Princess Philamena has escaped and taken employment in Fred’s p...

  Young Ebenezer

Christmas Musical by Elliott B. Baker

69 pages

11 m, 4 w, 2 flexible, 1 girl, 1 child, and large chorus

Gather ‘round with the ghosts in the graveyard who will show you the real story of Ebenezer Scrooge! This rousing new adaptation of the beloved novel by Charles Dickens has up-tempo songs of melody and memory. With three actors playing Ebenezer Scrooge, we go back to see Ebenezer through young boyhood, young manhood, and finally to the character we know. In “This Christmas,” Ebenezer’s family is left homeless thanks to his father’s well-intentioned but unrealistic gift giving. When his mother sells the young, gentle boy into servitude, fellow child laborers p...