Ed Young

Ed Young: After high school I graduated from Leland Powers School of Radio, Television and Theater in Boston, MA. While working as a DJ at a radio station in Vermont, I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. This led to a search for truth and, with the help of a nurse I met in the hospital, came to believe in Jesus as my Savior. I married the nurse and went to school for ministry and became the Pastor of a New England church. I remembered my theater training and decided to use it in ministry. I began writing my own plays to use. I have written and produced many over the years. It’s fun and people seem to enjoy them and get a little something out of watching them.
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Drama by Ed Young

20 pages

2 m

Here is an inspired dramatization of the temptation of the Christ in the wilderness. It sets forth the clash between absolute goodness and diabolical evil as personified in the main characters, Yeshua, the Hebrew version of the name Jesus, and Satan, the Prince of Demons and god of this world. This one-act play seeks to bring into relief the struggle between good and evil that tugs at the heart of all of us. In a thought-provoking way, we see afresh the timely message of Jesus to a fallen and desperate world. This is a strong and moving piece and, in the hand...