Dust on the Christmas Star

Book By: Alberta Hawse
Play #: 1281
Pages: 39 pgs
Cast: 3 m, 4 w, 1 g.

Kate Sherman, grieving over the deaths of her daughter and son-in-law from a car accident, finds it almost impossible to show her love for granddaughter, Tammy. Kate won't even allow any Christmas decorations in the house including the now dusty star Tammy's daddy made for her. A climax is reached when Tammy steals her late mother's christening dress for a nativity scene being staged by a young visiting minister, his wife, and friend Jo, whose brother was the drunk driver who caused the fatal accident. At the end, Kate shows her renewed faith when she vows never to let the Christmas star get dusty again. Performance time: 70 minutes.

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THEATRE GROUP 1 Performance(s)
MANCHESTER, TN 12/15/2018
OCALA, FL 12/14/2008

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