Christina Hamlett

Former actress and director Christina Hamlett is the published author of 17 books, 100 plays and musicals, and several hundred magazine and newspaper articles that appear regularly throughout the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Her latest book, "ScreenTEENwriters," is the only one on the market which teaches the craft of screenwriting to young people and provides insights on how to break into the film industry. In addition to her work as a script coverage consultant in Southern California, she is an online screenwriting instructor and has an international clientele whom she mentors in works of fiction and nonfiction through workshops and one-on-one critique. Her degree in Communications from California State University led to stints in all aspects of media, an expertise that continues to be applied to PR assignments and volunteerism in the public sector. Recently married in Scotland, she and her husband are currently collaborating on several book and film projects.

Picture of Christina Hamlett.