Child Born to Us! (Musical) w/flash drive

Book By: Judy A. Land
Play #: 1471
Pages: 52 pgs
Cast: 9 boys, 8 girls, 1-5 flexible, many extras, choir

Christmas is a time for singing, and this children's musical features festive folk music for a lively portrayal of the birth of Baby Jesus. Eight original songs including a warm welcoming song, "Shalom!" and a song with claps, "The Angels' Song," keep the action moving and the children totally involved. Some other songs include "May's Song," and "I Know His Name." There are also opportunities to add a favorite carol or two, if desired. The costumes, props and staging are simple, the narratives short enough for easy memorization, and the music arranged for the novice church pianist. The script is written for small to medium-sized church groups, and can be adapted easily to larger groups. Helpful tips are included for the director at the end of the script. 

About 45 minutes.

Rehearsal/performance music on flash drive included with the purchase of a Print Master.

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CHURCH 1 Performance(s)
SAN ANGELO, TX 12/10/2022
THEATRE GROUP 1 Performance(s)
FORT MYERS, FL 6/27/2007

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