Cheralynn Wilson

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  Beautiful Day Of Wrest

Comedy by Cheralynn Wilson

40 pages

2 m, 1 w, 5 children

Poor old Job had to endure a lot. But did he ever have to get his family dressed and delivered to Sunday morning meetings on time? Your audiences will really identify with this comedy. It is a fast-paced, funny portrayal of Sunday crises in a Mormon home. The Sabbath in the Bingham household is neither restful nor spiritually uplifting. Sister Bungham regards the day as a frustrating time of lost shoes, forgotten talks and mismatched socks. After a particularly catastrophic Sunday morning she devises a plan to eliminate the confusion and get her family to Church on time for a change. Doe...

  Airport: A Christmas Story

Drama by Cheralynn Wilson

33 pages

4 m, 3 w, 1 flexible, 3 kids

Set in a crowded, snowed-in airport waiting area on Christmas Eve, different types of stranded passengers present their views on Christmas. There's the Cynic (who serves as our Everyman), the efficient Travel Agent, and a bumbling paramedic and a super-efficient Nurse. There is also the Davis family, whose new baby makes its appearance, and two ambassadors, one Arab and one Israeli. The miracle that occurs that night changes them all. Members of your choir can serve as additional travelers while also performing carols.

  Airport: Christmas Story-Music

by Cheralynn Wilson

10 pages

by Charlee Cardon Wilson.