Cell 66

Play #: 1604
Pages: 37 pgs
Cast: 4 m, 4 w.

Dramatized from real life events, this contemporary 1-act play focuses on religious believers in the former Soviet Union who were jailed for their convictions. Inside a jail cell, a small group of prisoners are trying to survive harsh interrogations and lack of food. When Katya is denied the privilege of visiting with her family who have traveled two thousand miles to see her, several in the group try to comfort her with a piece of saved bread. But the bread is missing. They suspect it was eatern by the newest prisoner, Nadya, a tough, streetwise woman. Later that night, an older woman, Ulyana, reveals the gut-wrenching reason behind her imprisonment. Her smuggled Bible, which if discovered could add another year to her imprisonment, gives her great comfort. Ultimately, the Word of God guides her, and the others, in dealing with a cruel guard, and the thief and traitor in their midst.

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MARION, AR 4/22/2012
EPHRATA, WA 11/30/2011

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