Case of the Resurrection: 33 A.D.

Book By: Anthony Cicatko
Play #: 1377
Pages: 23 pgs
Cast: 13 m, 4 w, extras.

When King Herod of Jerusalem wakes up the third day after the crucifixion, he is startled to learn that the disciples have stolen the body of Jesus. But still something does not seem right. Then he figures it is time to hire private-eye Friday, Good Friday, to find out the truth about this Jesus. Herod had a chance to know the truth, but wouldn't believe. Now, he and the audience will learn the truth about "The Resurrection, 33 A.D." This investigation will at last lay to rest any false theories concerning what really happened to Jesus of Nazareth after the crucifixion. It will bring the audience to the only viable conclusion that Jesus did, in fact, die, was placed in the tomb and rose again on the third day. And He is alive evermore. Performance time: About 30 minutes. 

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CUMBERLAND, MD 4/12/2009

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