Carpenter's Son

Book By: Albert T. Viola
Play #: 7040
Pages: 26 pgs
Cast: 16 m, 2 w, + ensemble

This is a sensitive and insightful treatment of the boyhood of Jesus, a plausible near-history. The story centers around his family's trip to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. On their way there Jesus performs a miracle, to aid another child, and the lonliness in Jesus' heart melts away with a new understanding of his place in the world. When the family arrives in Jerusalem, Jesus turns up "missing." They finally find him in the temple, instructing and amazing his elders with profound truth and insight. This is a moving and imaginative story with a lovely and memorable score for any audience including such songs as ”The Ballad of a Boy Called Jesus,” “Going to Jerusalem,” “What Are These Things?“ and “He Is Love.” The show has been produced in religious and non-religious venues with equal success. 

(Most male roles may be played by the ensemble. Some male roles may be played by females)

 45-60 minutes.

Ideal for production in the chancel or sanctuary. A perfect piece for a limited budget and limited rehearsal time. (However, it can be produced by those with a budget!) 

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MELVILLE, NY 5/4/2014

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