The Busy Signal

Book By: Gerald Pearson
Play #: 1727
Pages: 19 pgs
Cast: 4 m, 2 w, 1 voice.

Dave Elkins is returning from the Vietnam War. His Idaho farm family are busy anticipating his arrival. He calls from Hawaii to ask if he can bring home with him a friend who lost the use of his legs and has nowhere to go. The family considers, but overwhelmed by the business and busyness of live on the farm, along with civic and church duties, they tell Dave that a farm is no place for someone who can't pull his own weight. Dave emerges from the phone booth, reaches for his crutches and tells his friend yes, he will go home with him and share life with the friend's family who said he'd be more than welcome. About 25 minutes.

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1 Performance(s)
TUCSON, AZ 4/19/2024
1 Performance(s)
TUCSON, AZ 4/26/2019
WINSTED, CT 10/20/2018
THEATRE GROUP 1 Performance(s)
LETHBRIDGE, AL 5/30/2014
ULSTER, PA 4/26/2012

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