Bobby Keniston

Bobby Keniston was born and grew up in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. He had the karmic good fortune to have Lakewood Theater, the country's oldest still-operating summer theater, as a summer home. His love for acting and for reading plays started there, and he was encouraged by a very theatrical set of parents. He studied acting at Boston University and playwriting and literature at Bennington College. He has over thirty plays published and is relieved that people seem to like them. He would like to thank his parents, his different community theater families, and his friends for all of their support of his creative endeavors. If you would like to read Bobby's blog, it is called “Theater is a Sport” (because theater IS a sport), and you can find it at If you would like to contact him, feel free to drop him a line at, or find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Picture of Bobby Keniston.