Armor Of God

Play #: 2701
Cast: Cast: 1 man, 1 woman, 3 girls, 5 flexible, extras.
A group of Sunday school students become trapped inside an arcade game called "Beat the Devil." Dart, the game's wicked custodian, has designed the game to attack their beliefs and assurances, keeping them off balance and ineffective as Christians. But the Word of God cuts through the confusion, accusations, fear, doubt and self-righteousness. In the end, the truth of the cross of Jesus Christ and His resurrection defang each vicious but impotent assault, bringing our friends safely into the light. This musical is a dynamic spiritual concept, where learning is accomplished on many levels. Those who participate may not grasp the complexities of spiritual warfare, but they will know their armor and a ton of Scripture by production time. The songs are lively, very easy to learn and appropriate for grade school children. Listen to excerpts of this musical online or order Christian Demo 2 -#7402. For performance, order the Print Master with CD, #2701M. (Sorry, due to the size of music files, this play is not available to download electronically at this time.)
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